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[VIDEO] Make-up artist reveals the deception called ‘flawless skin’

[VIDEO] Make-up artist reveals the deception called ‘flawless skin’

“Sometimes, I wish it was that easy to have new skin. #acnesucks!! But hey! Thank God for makeup,” the makeup artiste, taniellemua, tweets.

Then on her Instagram handle, the lady lets the cat out of the bag as she posts the most revealing secrets to that must-have skin texture!

She writes, “First of all, I used liquid latex to create the peel. Same thing they use for film and halloween makeup to create scars, zombie skin etc.

“Second, I live in Suriname where most of the time it’s 30C. So I barely even wear makeup cause of the humidity here (heat will open up my pores which could lead to makeup entering my pores bla bla bla… you get the gist). So please just stop with all the maybe you should wear less makeup and makeup makes it worse nonsense (cuz dude it doesn’t make it worse!)

“Third, for the people asking which foundation I used and that I used so many layers of foundation. Its just one thin layer of … but keep in mind that the upper part of my face doesn’t really have severe acne like the lower part of my face…”

See her photos:

Perfect finish

See the video:

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