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Cardi B Meets Nardwuar For Hilarious Interview: Watch

Even rappers that don’t do many interviews make their way to chop it up with Nardwuar at some point in their career. Prior to her Coachella performance on Sunday (April 15), Cardi B became the latest guest of The Human Serviette. The bold personalities meshed for a hysterical conversation as Nardwuar showered the Bronx native with gifts weaved into his upper-echelon interviewing skills.

“You are over gifting me,” says Cardi. “I feel like I owe you something.” The 25-year-old was on the receiving end of vinyl ranging from brash female MC Trina, to speeches from famous U.S. presidents, Music To Strip By, and How To Strip For Your Husband, which she was reluctant to accept because of her past experiences as a dancer. Bardi swiftly ponders the thought of when stripping actually first became a profession in the world.

The Invasion of Privacy rapper also happened to divulge on her early musical influences. “My mom grew up listening to Aerosmith, Madonna, and Pet Shop Boys,” she quips. “That’s the type of thing we used to listen to in our house. She came to this country and lived in upstate New York.”

The Grammy-nominated artist later caves to Nardwuar’s extensive research, admitting that she was given the famed combination of milk and cookies after her unsafe butt surgery because she almost passed out from the bodily changes. 

Check out Cardi B vs Nardwuar in its entirety below.

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