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Chile’s Santa Feria Pays Tribute to Late Filmmaker in New Video: Watch

Chile’s Santa Feria Pays Tribute to Late Filmmaker in New Video: Watch

Chilean music group Santa Feria premiered the video for its song “Si Te Marchas, No Hay Manera” (“If You Leave, There Is No Way,” in English) featuring Roberto Márquez, singer and songwriter of the Chilean folk and Andean musical ensemble Illapu.

Filmed in the country’s Antofagasta landscapes and at El Yeso Dam in San José de Maipo, the video was initially directed by the late and well-known filmmaker Francisco “Bear” Castillo, and then finished by his assistant director, Felipe Arredondo, like a homage to life and the transcendental connection of souls.

Santa Feria’s percussionist Ricardo “Richi” Fuentes, who served as the video’s executive producer, said: “At first, I wanted to film the guys of Santa Feria with close-up camera shots, representing their personalities and characteristics. So the Bear came with the idea of filming in northern environment, then I changed the perception, positively, of what we were looking for.

“It is a tribute to the Bear, something like a festive funeral, full of joy, symbolic, where you can appreciate the short film of the boy that was recorded first and represents the love for music and film that unites us with the Bear.”

Francisco “Bear” Castillo died in a car accident in the arms of his girlfriend, La Tati, also the art director of the video, weeks after shooting the first part in Antofagasta: hometown of Arredondo and Illapu’s Roberto Márquez.

“We met at home for a barbecue where we paid homage to the Bear,” Fuentes told Billboard Venezuela. “There were his collaborators in the audiovisual field and close friends, who decided that the video had to be completed as a tribute to a great filmmaker and friend, in order to give him a posthumous gift. Felipe offered to finish directing the clip.”

Through the emotional journey of a boy (David Olmos) who delivers a necklace to a deceased person, a connection of souls metaphor is built, where physical death is a transition to make room for the celebration of life and to enhance infinite love. “Si Te Marchas, No Hay Manera,” an Andean cumbia villera merged with “chicha” from Peruvian cumbia and nortino sounds, is the most recent of Santa Feria’s promotional singles from its 2017 third album, En El Ojo del Huracán (“In the Eye of the Hurricane,” in English).

Watch the video here:
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