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Chinese Tourists Crushed After Ceiling Collapses at Popular Spot

Chinese Tourists Crushed After Ceiling Collapses

6/17/2018 10:30 AM PDT

Horrific scene out of Huayin City in China’s Shaanxi Province where a ceiling collapsed … crushing and trapping tourists riding down an escalator.

The terrible incident happened inside the Huashan Mountain tourist center … a popular visitors’ destination. You can see a throng of tourists going down an escalator when, out of nowhere, they look up and notice the ceiling’s about to land on top of them.

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It happened so fast they never had the chance to run for cover. The incident triggered immediate panic as tourists rushed to free others trapped under the debris.

At least 9 were injured and taken to a local hospital, though one report says — perhaps miraculously — no one was seriously injured. The tourist center is investigating what caused the ceiling to collapse.

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