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Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh Scoffs at Idea of Playing in North Korea

Eagles Guitarist Joe Walsh Play ‘Hotel California’ in North Korea? Not. A. Chance.

6/14/2018 7:42 AM PDT

Joe Walsh was almost disgusted at the suggestion the Eagles might ever do a show in North Korea. He’s adamant — it’s NOT a lovely place … thanks to Kim Jong-un.

We got the legendary guitarist leaving Craig’s Wednesday night in WeHo, and wanted to know … with President Trump and Kim Jong-un working towards denuclearization in North Korea, would the band ever consider performing there?

It’s a hard pass for Joe, but it’s got nothing to do with the fact he ain’t buying the peace talks — it’s more about the N. Korean leader’s track record with his own citizens.

Watch … Joe also takes a parting shot at Trump.

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