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Jesse Lingard takes over Man United Instagram, jokes about Alexis Sanchez

With Alexis Sanchez’s big move to Manchester United edging ever closer to completion, eager fans are becoming increasingly desperate for updates.

Thankfully, Jesse Lingard was on hand to provide a little insight by seizing control of the club’s official Instagram account and filming himself stumbling in on Sanchez undergoing his medical at Carrington.

“Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here. Enjoy the medical,” Lingard said to somebody off-camera as he meandered through the dressing room.

Unfortunately, as you might have garnered from the gigantic “Only joking” banner plastered across the video, the whole thing was nothing but a light-hearted prank.

Oh Jesse, don’t ever change.

Chris covers the funny side of the game for ESPN FC in the Toe Poke blog.

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